As part of my community engagement platform, I promised to provide a regular weekly update on what’s happening up in Albany.

You can always email me directly at if you have any other questions, ideas, or want more information about what’s happening in Albany or the district.

*The 2022 Legislative Session–Week Six*

On Thursday, I announced the introduction of the Freelance Isn’t Free Act with a fantastic group of supporters from the National Writers Union, Freelancers Union, Freelance Solidarity Project, and many others! This Act would provide recourse to freelance workers experiencing wage theft and other violations of the labor law.


Remember that you can watch sessions live on the NYS Senate website and follow along with session proceedings on the official NY Senate Twitter.

This week was our first four-day session week of the year, and we passed 48 bills on the floor.

Four of the bills related to diversity in educators:

Some other bills passed included:

You can see all the bills the Senate has passed so far this year here.

Committee Meetings

Civil Service & Pensions

I voted to pass 4 bills through the Civil Service & Pensions Committee this week, including:


I voted to pass 6 bills through the Insurance Committee this week. Some of those bills include:

Higher Education

I voted to pass 4 bills through the Higher Education Committee this week. Some of those bills include:

Budget Hearings

This week, we wrapped up budget hearings for 2022 with Mental Hygiene, Transportation, Economic Development, and, most excitingly for me, Taxes.

As part of my new role as the Chair of the Budget and Revenue Committee, I opened the Taxes hearing with a discussion with Acting Commissioner/General Counsel for the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, Amanda Hiller. I had the opportunity to thank Commissioner Hiller for welcoming me to the Department when I went to visit earlier this year, and asked her about the impact of taxes on people staying in the State. We have heard concerns that people have and will continue to leave the State as a result of the changes to tax rates that we implemented last year. While she does not yet have the data from this past year, she did explain that income tax receipts from 2021 were trending higher than previous years and was anticipated. It appears, based on the information we have, that this mass exodus that some people were concerned about has not happened, and in fact the opposite is true.

Now that the budget hearings are over, the Senate will begin putting together our one-house budget proposal for this year. This time next month, we will be submitting that proposal to begin negotiations between the Senate, the Assembly, and the Executive.

Thanks for reading! As always, you can email me directly at or call my office at 718–238–6044.




NYS Senator, District 22.

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Senator Andrew Gounardes

Senator Andrew Gounardes

NYS Senator, District 22.

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