As part of my community engagement platform, I promised to provide a regular weekly update on what’s happening up in Albany. This is an update from Week Four.

You can always email me directly at if you have any other questions, ideas, or want more information about what’s happening in Albany or the district.

*Session Week 4*

This week we had no committee meetings, which gave our legislative staff more time to work on some of our upcoming legislation (stay tuned!). You can see all of the bills we’ve introduced so far this year here.


The Senate passed 16 bills during our two days this week on a number of different issues:

Election Reforms

Food Access

Protecting Children

You can see all the bills the Senate has passed so far this year here.

*Budget Hearings*

Budget hearings for this year have begun! Next week we will have public hearings on housing (which you can watch here), workforce development (watch here), higher education (watch here), and mental hygiene (watch here).

Thanks for reading! As always, you can email me directly at or call my office as 718–238–6044.




NYS Senator, District 22.

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Senator Andrew Gounardes

Senator Andrew Gounardes

NYS Senator, District 22.

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